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Brutal Level Design Contest - 3 possible winners, $500USD


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Surrogate Interactive is hosting a level design contest for the Half-Life 2 multiplayer fighting game Brutal!

There will be 3 prizes for contest winners which include a $500USD Grand Prize, $200USD second place and a boxed copy of Left 4 Dead (upon release) for 3rd place.

For all contest rules, entry form and information, head over to their Level Design Contest website


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As far as the trust issue is concerned, we've been paying people for contract work for a while. Dave King, Bastiaan "Skullbox" Schravendeel,

and a few others that you probably won't know.

I myself have been around the Half-Life mapping scene since 99 hosted on PHL and making a bunch of CS maps and the money is coming from me personally. That's about the best I can do to convince anyone aside from there's a few guys on mapcore and interlopers who would probably vouch for me.

The reason for the entries becoming the exclusive property of Surrogate Interactive is because we're making a proof of concept demo for a publisher and not a mod so we need to be sure we own what we're submitting so we don't get sued. Since there's no way to know which maps are going to win, we need to own the rights to any submissions but basically the ones we use are going to be the winners so they will be compensated via their prize and the ones who don't win, will regain the rights to their maps on October 15th, 2007 at which point they can do what they want with them.

Its bascially just so we avoid any legal issues.

Update to Rule # 5.

5. All entries will become property of Surrogate Interactive Inc. until the winners are announced. All winning entries will become the permanent exclusive property of Surrogate Interactive Inc. Property rights to any non winning maps will be given back to the original designers once the contest has officially ended on October 15th, 2007.

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