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El Moroes

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Dont say Hi in every newspost you make :)

For the most pro portfolio I wouldnt include any news at all, or in a very minimalistic way. Stick to the point, news is kind of irrelevant.

I dont know what kind of position you will be applying for, but if you intend to be a level design intern Id give your levels much more attention. You dont come across like a level designer to me right now because the levels are dumped at the bottom of the page in between all kinds of other stuff. It doesnt really feel important.

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I have to agree with the news as Hourences says. Another thing I can pick out is the orange links on the banner, they seem to blur too much with that colour, lacks a contrast for those to stick out since that's where you want to direct people to, those pages. Possibly too small as well.

I always find that portfolio's that have a few example screenshots of what you have on your site on the front page can be a nice introduction what to expect. You could replace the news page with that and a little introduction.

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I have seen quite a few portfolios and I always liked the one-paged ones, because it's easier and quicker to navigate.

Your portfolio is good (as in quality of work) but I think you should focus on the area you want to work on. If it's level design than remove all the other random works (or create a separate page for them, like "assorted works") and put level design related stuff in relevance. And as hourences already pointed out, remove the news posts since they are distracting and add nothing to a good portfolio.

In fact I think you should keep this as your personal site/blog and create a separate portfolio.

One paged portfolios I can remember now:

http://www.philipk.net (blaz)

http://cmdstud.khlim.be/~beulaers/portfolio/ (peris)

http://mazy.net/portfolio (mazy)

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24.06.2007 • News

Hi all,

How are you? I hope you are all like me; just happy!

My exams are finished and as you'll can see, there are new works in the 2D panel and also in the 3D panel.

You'll can see screens of my exams, new animation, new sketches, and other...

So I wish you a good visit!

... 07.05.2007 • News

Hi everyone,

Today I've put some new works on my port-folio.

You can find them in the 3D parts. As you can see, these models are composed with a Velociraptor, two Gas Pump and a Mushroom.

I'll post the others another day.

See you later.

... 13.04.2007 • News

Hi everybody,

Here a short new for big update!

As you can see, all the design is changed! It is more modern and more friendly!

Mmmh it's all. Have a good day.

... 08.04.2007 • News

Hi all, how are you?

Well here are the news. First I have made a better navigation between the works on the 2D and the 3D menu.

After I have changed the dimension of the pics for a better loading.

And it's all. Have a good day and see you later.

... 31.03.2007 • First News

Hi everyone and welcome on my new port-folio. Not a big website but it is just what it is necessary.

All parts are finished and are waiting your visit.

So I wish you a good day.

lol that's so chirpy it's annoying :S

What do you mean by "mod"

mod in maya - made in maya?

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