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World's tiniest font


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Actually, on a LCD screen if for example you draw 3 pixels at the same position : one pure red, one pure green and one pure blue on a black background, you'll see that the red will be drawn a bit more on the left, the green in the middle and the blue on the right.

So if you draw one red pixel and a blue pixel next to the red on the right, you'll see a black pixel in the middle at a 100 % zoom, and that's also why you see what seems to be a curve when i've only drawn 2 lines. :cool:

This is totally useless shit, but it amused me for a while.

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It is actually completely readable if you move closer to the screen. It's quite an interesting trick.

First one says "HELLO MAPCORIANS LOL" and the second says "ALSO SENTURA FUCK YOU!".

ClearType in Windows and Vista uses the same technology to make fonts look smoother, albeit approached much more subtly.

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Completely readable if you ask me, I didn't have any problems. Are those of you with trouble reading it using CRT monitors? I'm guessing from the "...and LCD screen horizontal deformation" that under such circumstances it might not work too well.

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