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Shack (UE3) [update: september 5, Near final screenies]


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So this is the near final version of the scene. There are a few loose odds and ends but the next update will be posted in the "finished level" section.

Feedback is more welcome than ever so be picky as you enjoy the next 12 shots

A note: Decided to skip the water as both version of watermaterials I've experimented with have been a tad too expensive for the scene.

Latest images:

September 5













(Update September 3)

Sorry for the lack of updates, real life catching up with me. :)

Heres a few pictures.



First pictures posted:



Update August 4:

Spent some more time working on the scene. Made a bunch of props and made some terrain. Also took care of some stuff that was mentioned in this thread.

The mountain in the pictures is my first model I've made using Mudbox. In the next update I'm hoping it will be 100% compleate with effects, some more props and a tree or two.

Feedback is, as always, welcome. (Also, i cant get images to show up in this thread, anyone know whats up with that?)

Here are the pics




Update: Augst 7

Mostly spent the last few days tweaking, making sure no gemetry intersects eachother (even tho i'm not compleatly done with that yet), tweaking lighting, making a few more props and what not.

Next up I'm gonna make a few more props (fishing equipment and possibly a raincoat hanging of the wall, some fishing nets spread about) an old wodden boat, water (even tho i have no idea hwo to make water in UE3) and finally try to do some vegetation.

Meanwhile, enjoy these new pics. I included a shot of the entire area with materials turned off so you just see the geometry and lighting.




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Slainchild, yea all meshes are lightmapped.

About the light, its still a big wip. Last i posted people said it was too bright ;D I'll fiddle some more and see if i can get it to look better and i'll definatly boost the lightsources shinyness.

Thanks for the feedback:)


The multiply with a constant on the lantern worked out great, will post pics later. Thanks hour!

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Its much better. It would help heaps if there was a sky and all so get started on that :)

I know that this is just a fun environment, but in a production you cant lightmap all your meshes and a considerable amount of them should be vtx lit.

Just for my own curiousity, how long does it take to rebuild this and whats the filesize?

I am working on an indepth water tutorial for UE3 but it wont be up until october or something. If you want I can give you all the pictures and source files already and you can try rebuilding it already.


IRC for more stuff.

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