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The E3 07 Thread


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So, with Microsoft starting off in a couple of hours with their conference, who do you think will come out best?

Personally I'm gonna bet on Microsoft for first place, followed closely by Sony in second place and Nintendo third.

I think Microsoft is just gonna have a lot to show, and the stuff they show is gonna be top notch, and they'll probably finally show off some Halo 3 SP stuff that is actually impressive (Although boring probably). Probably some new IPs, new exclusives (Hi MGS4, roflcopter!). Definitely has the potential of being the most unsurprising of the 3 though.

I do think that Sony has a really good chance to gain lost territory here, and really make an impression. I know it was kinda similar last year, and they really screwed it up there, but they're probably gonna bust out more Home stuff and additions to their online infrastructure, show off some impressive exclusives (MGS4 if it doesn't go 360, GT5, Killzone), and further try to remind people about the $100 pricecut. Also I'm being awfully naive and hope they'll show something from Fumito Ueda and the Shadow of the Colossus team's new game, be it at the conference or the show behind closed doors.

Nintendo on the other hand really needs to provide some really original and interesting new stuff that use the Wii's strengths, that is more than just a mini game compilation. I really hope Nintendo can changes my opinion, because right now the Wii really doesn't have a lot going for it in terms of deep and interesting titles. I really hope they can change that feeling.

Anyway, what do you guys think? :D

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Anyway, what do you guys think? :D

Pretty much exactly what you just said mate :)

MS will have the range of great games, Sony will have a few top titles but not enough to trump MS's haul, and Ninty will show us more family-centric but ultimately slightly dull stuff.

Hopefully I am totally wrong here but I doubt it.

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Nintendo games are ultimately why I bought my Wii, much like Apple's software is ultimately why a lot of people fork out £10,000,000 for an Apple Mac. As long as I'm satisfied on that front (more Mario Galaxy info, Mario Kart announcement, maybe more Zelda, etc) then I'll be happy.

That said, I think Microsoft more represents the exciting side of gaming these days and it'll inevitably be the most exciting presentation. I'd really like to hear more Banjo-Threeie information, which has remained extremely mysterious since its big trailer. Sony's will probably be okay too, assuming they finally roll out some killer titles.

I'll be surprised if MGS4 comes to the 360 as an exclusive, though. I mean, MGS1 and MGS2 both hit other consoles, but they always started out on the PS. MGS3 has remained exclusive, but maybe just because the other consoles were pretty much at the end of their lifespan when it came out.

I'm betting MGS4 will be Sony's exclusive, but the 360 will get it later. Just like the Xbox got MGS2. :cool:

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Aye I definitely do not think it'd come to the 360 as an exclusive, was kinda joking since I find the entire MGS4 on other consoles talk pretty insane to be honest.

However if they actually got it as an exclusive, imagine not only the impact it would have in terms of people who'd been wanting a PS3 just to play that, but the sort of impact it would have on the entire Sony lineup. I'd bet that Microsoft would fork out a lot of cash to at least secure the same release date as on the PS3 (Although the $50 mil GTA4 exclusive thing makes me wonder exactly how much they'd have to pay for it).

Anyway, this is actually one of the things I'm really looking forward to, its pretty exciting when you see these huge companies fighting it out :D

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I too think Microsoft is going to have the strongest showing. Their keynotes have tended to be slick, interesting, and content heavy, particularly when compared to a lot of the meandering and theoretical ones given by Sony and Nintendo about bringing the family together or harnessing the power of the Cell. I'm not too sure what bombs they could drop though; most things they announce I imagine will be quite expected. I hope and expect them to detail their plans for bringing the video marketplace to Europe and elsewhere, although while I will probably use the service, it isn't something that greatly excites me. I wouldn't be surprised to hear MGS4 is coming to the 360 either; if so then most likely a few months after the PS3 release, but *fingers crossed* with added multiplayer ;) Oh and please please please announce a Crimson Skies sequel. Please. More on the new Kingdom Under Fire and Ninja Gaiden 2 would be nice too.

Sony? I reckon they'll have a solid showing, and an improvement over the last few efforts. Rumble going back in the controller is likely on the cards IMO, although its one of those awkward issues where they initially underplayed its importance and now are going to have to completely reverse their stance if they wish to tout it. Unless of course it is some fancy new force feedback system - in that case they can downplay lesser forms of vibration :) I'm curious as to how Killzone 2 is gonna turn out, and how much they shot themselves in the foot with the old pre-rendered footage.

Nintendo? Oddly, I don't even really care. At all. I want a Wii but only for mucking about on with mates - I honestly don't mind whatsoever if they manage to get some "proper" games announced because if I want those games I can get them on the 360, PC, or (when I eventually buy one) PS3. I suppose I'd be interested in seeing a new Mario Kart.

What would be the nicest birthday present (I'm 23 today, yay!) from E3? Well I'd like SEGA to continue some of their better franchises from the last generation. Gimme a new Jet Set Radio, or Gunvalkyrie, or Otogi, or Shenmue, or Panzer Dragoon. Hell, even Breakdown! Chance of this happening? Fuck off%

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According to the new Playstation blog, Sony's conference will be streamable from http://www.us.playstation.com/. Not sure about the others, but Microsoft did it last year didn't they, so they probably will this year too.

EDIT: According to majornelson, you can get watch Microsoft's one at http://www.mapcore.net/forums/viewforum.php?f=23.

I really hope this is NOT the link Major Nelson provided :oops:

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Hehe aye Reno, a Shenmue 3 would definitely be able to steal the show for me (Instead of some lousey MMO Shenmue, pffft stupid Sega).

Also that Killzone 2 shot is great, reminds me a lot of the most recent Duke Nukem Forever shots they released on Gamasutra ;D

Oh yeah, changed the thread name :)

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