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Handheld environment: SKATE RASCALS


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This was originally suppose to be an entry for PolyCount's 35th challenge but I never made it in time. I was busy with other stuff and such.

Anyhoo, here's a brief re-cap for idea behind the environment then I'll roll in to the pictures.

What is 'Skate Rascals'?: Skate Rascal's is a hand-held skate boarding game made in vein of the Tony Hawk series. The story behind it is theres a group of 3 or 4 skaters (the 'rascals') that will only skate on hard-to-reach, very exclusive, and probably illegal locations. It is up to the gamer to successfully navigate past all the obstacles on the way to the skate park and once there "pull the sickest tricks imaginable!".

Each map would load with an animation of the player finally breaking in to the location (as seen in the first screenshot).

More technical info down below, after the screenshots.






-Originally made for a Polycount.com challenge.

-my first go at low-poly environment art/design

-Only a couple items are 1-off assets, everything else is based on modular design

-The rules were to create skate park or race track, 5000-6000 triangles and no more than 1024x1024 texture space

-I'm not entirely sure if I can get away with such a thing on a handheld. The limits were quite high so I designed the environment assuming it would be for a handheld.

-I just picked the PSP, it wasn't apart of the requirements of the challenge. It has a wide-screen ration, which I enjoy using in my final renders.

-diffuse, colour, spec, normal, environment map, ao/lightmap

-no post


I'm glad to be done this, my home PC is ready to die on me.

I enjoyed worked on this a lot. Thanks to those who helped with with lighting, Vahl especially - thanks Frencho.

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ah it's suddenly dawned on me why pretty much all skating games have been a complete load of shit. Hard to reach or illegal places - so why did they build a half pipe, fun boxes and quarters up there? What kind of madness is that - and everything is so closely packed together that the flow is completely ruined, like a rail pointing to the flat edge of a funbox just scream "broken shins" to me.

It looks really nice, I love the lighting and you've done really nice stuff with a 1024. My only complaint is that is doesn't make any sense :P

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This level was made in vein of Tony Hawk - where every surface imaginable is skateable! And really, its a fun little doesn't-need-to-make sense game where logic was thrown out the window before I even placed the first quad. :P

Flow though, I some what agree in that it could have been more properly planned. I can still look at the pics though and imagine the little dude rippin' around on this thing.

Ah and thanks, glad you liked it.

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I don't like the way you have set up the entire thing, simply because it's not skateable. Ofcourse, in a video game you can do loops by the billions while switch stance, and ride ramps that have almost invert arches.

The work is nice, but it simply doesn't feel real at all.

Care to post the flat? I'd love to see how you did it.

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Hmm - I disagree. It's totally skateable. In real-life? Of course not, but its a faux PSP title that wouldn't rely on real-life physics to make it fun (see: TonyHawk games).

If I get a chance over the weekend I will see about some flats. I have a few projects on the go right now though :\

thx for the comments guys

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