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Left Behind is looking for modelers!

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Hi, I'm the mod leader of Left Behind, we've been virtually flying under the radar for the past few months. Left Behind is a Half Life 2 modification where you are a downed pilot during the Seven Hour War trying to reestablish contact.

We're in dire need of assistance in creating props and weapons, for our levels will be quite bland if we don't get any custom props or weapons. It'd also be a great help if you could compile the models, too.

We don't need any organics what so ever to be modeled, only weapons (View and World versions) and props for maps (mostly static, but some physics). Mostly vehicles and other city objects.

Here's our Moddb profile: http://mods.moddb.com/8763/left-behind/

And our website: http://www.leftbehind.moddb.com (don't mind the subdomain, we're getting a real domain soon.)

Previous examples would be nice.

You can contact me via e-mail at blind_sb_192@hotmail.com

Feel free to ask questions, or comment in this thread :) .

And no, we're not affiliated with the novels in any way, the name is purely coincidental.

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