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[TUTORIAL] basics in taking photos


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http://thomashess.net/exchange/tutorial ... photos.pdf

i finally managed to put some time in writing one of the tutorials i prepared ages ago. i hope you peeps will enjoy it and maybe those of you not owning a DSLR lick some blood and want a DSLR your own ;)

greetings. :banjo:

PS: i didnt manage to put it on my website yet. use the hotlink above. i just noticed i should add this graphic to the pdf soon:


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Great im gonna read this. But why is it not in Photography Gallery? Also let me take the oportunity to show of my last pic that i got rather pleased with. Its a bit macaber but the real life is like this, also it makes for a good shot. The mixture between the dead mouse and the green flies is rather awsome.


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