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"Multiboxing" & WoW


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I don't get it, why do this? Are these people selling virtual stuffs?

Farming gold and selling it on teh internets for $$ most likely. Though some obsessives will run multiple boxes just for laffs. I used to have accounts running on 3 boxes at home when I used to play Diablo 2. Great for power leveling and muling stuff :D

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I'm wondering what the people at Blizzard say when they see something like this. Probably just sigh and shake their head. I bet there is nothing that can surprise these people anymore :???:

(the sock poopers are still my favourite)

they rub their hands with glee at one person paying for so many accounts

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Wow. That is the definition of sad and obsessed. :oops:

I disagree completely. They are gamers that take gaming seriously.

Yeah, 'obsessed' is spending months gearing out a single character, 'efficient' is using that same amount of time to do the same with five characters.

It takes a lot mor money than normal, though.

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