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ts_constryard - The Specialists


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Hello there!

After a long time without messing around with Hammer, yesterday I decided to create a map for The Specialists. The theme? Construction yard.

The map is a bit heavy ( 1800 w_polys in some places ), but I don't plan to sacrifice the details of the level to decrease the polycount ( now days 1800 polys is easy to almost all video-cards ).

So here's the pictures followed by the download link. Hope you enjoy!

















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So while I don't finish my last compiling, lets say that they're connected by an electromagnetic pulse or something like that :P

They've taken far too much of those slow motion powerups in one go, it gives the illusion they're floating. :D It's good work though, the outer buildings are a bit bland and blury - not sure what you can do if the polycount is becoming a problem though. I also dislike that orange beam-metal texture but all else seems playable and fun.

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Thanks Quakis. I'm not so good at texturing ( to be honest, I'm terrible XD ), but I did the best I could =(

Anyway, I've updated the pictures at the first post, now "featuring" the ligh_env color suggested Min0 and fixed the connection between the stair steps. The environment is a loooot better now.

( hit F5 so you won't take the see the cached images )

The download link still the same ( with the new BSP, of course ).



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