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I'm going to Crytek


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Not as a full-time level-designer, for now as an internal. It's a paid internship in the company for 1-2 years.

I had my job interview last Monday and Friday evening Chris (Narby) informed me that I got accepted. I will still need to talk to the CEO and work out some contract details on wednesday, but it looks like I will start on October 1st.

I will contribute to Crytek's new project with singleplayer maps, multiplayer maps, map parts or I will work in the game design department. Whatever I like to do and what I'm best at, so this is a real opportunity to me to gain some experience in a professional games studio and to figure out whether I'd like to work in this industry all my life or not. If I like it, I will work my way up, if not, I'll do something else. So, yea, exciting times for me ahead :)

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