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Is a job worth your sanity? - Ewok


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I'm busy at work right now...I HATE IT. I'am prolly going to be recieving shit pay and this job is totally repetuously boring. Plus i work on saterdays too. I'am unhappy here and prefer working freelance before, just get less stable work that way though.

So the question I ask is, is your job worth your sanity? Soul or whatever. Come and testify your story and tell me what you think on the situation, i'am thinking of quiting today and being jobless :(

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I'm still in school. Graduation next summer followed by 12 months of social service. Maybe somewhat university like afterwards, so it will prolly take some more time till I experience what having a real job is like.

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I don't have access to a computer at work, nor do I think I could stand a job that required me to use computers, seeing as I spend a fair amount of my free time on them..

I'm a baker, and personally love my job - but truthfully, I believe I am already partly insane. To get up from as early as 10pm (normally around 2am tho :) ) to go to work. I have so much free time, I'd rather be at work, because I get so bored at home - I need more things to do :D!

In your case - if you arn't happy with your job - find another one. You shouldn't have to get up every day only to loath what you have to do for the next 8 hours.

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all jobs suck to some degree. let me run down my shit jobs

1)Mike and I worked at Chuck E Cheeses in high school. You want to know how many times it takes to be told "go clean up the urine" before you quit? three.

2)I worked as a cashier at compusa for 7 months. I hate those god damn rebates and the fat white trash that want a free copy of family tree maker

3)I worked as a stagehand at my college's performance theater. I was awoken at 4 in the morning by my boss and told to come into work to unload a show that had gotten in early. There was a foot of snow on the ground and I was told i had half an hour to get ther or i would be fired. i consider going back to sleep a form of quitting,, not getting fired.

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One job i know i will never do again, is Phone Tech Support. Currently doing Tech support for Adobe products and its fucking hell in a handbasket, sure its not bad for the first couple months, but stuff just piles up little things, like management, co-workers,customers. Then my current schedule i start class (school) at 8am - 10:50am then go to work from 11:30am-4:30pm then go directly to school from 5:00-10:50. Its driving me nuts.

So personally... go back to freelance :)

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i have many tips for u crazymac, but i will give u the first 10 for free

1)follow code!!

2)the bodies in a swamp!!

3)fear the small man

4)do it from behind

5)kill the witness

6)use the element of suprise

7)kill ur victims children (else they grow up and revenge)

8)the closer u get, the higher ur fee!!

9)no women (i mean no relationships wiff women, its ok to kill them)

10)blend in wiff ur surroundings like a kameleon!!

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Hmmm...becoming a hitman, sounds like a tempting idea. But I think I will pass heh. Wow, it's good to see that other people have had shitty ass jobs as well (such as phone operating), at least i'am not the only one. Well I have worked for 2 days at this place (2nd day I came very close to quiting :P) but I stuck it out. I have decided to try stick it out and carry on on Monday and hopefully it gets better. Thanks for the advice people, who knows what the future will hold.

To DD, yeah the maps progress has slowed down, but since it's a very small map it's not too far from being finished. This week-end expect some screenshots of the map. Later.

People keep them replies coming, this is interesting...

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I'm asking myself what working for a game company really is like. I mean working as a programmer, artist or something, I don't mean the woman cleaning the offices. Is it really a 24/7 job or do some people exaggerate?

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