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hitman movie trailer


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I think it has a very professional look, but the editing of the trailer could definitely need some work, its kinda messy. Also whats up with the guns forming the T, looks dumb :G

That said though, it does get a lot of the Hitman vibe down fairly well. Actually it looks like it could be one of the better video game based movies (Which is definitely not saying a lot though :)).

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Most thus far have been fairly terrible, although the original Tomb Raider is probably amongst the best.

I don't think they have have to be sad and nerdy by default, though. A lot of films these days are either adapted from books or older films; there's no reason games can't successfully be used the same way.

Of course, it'd also be nicer if games had better writing in general beyond Us vs Them scenario #56485734892.

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both these news heighten my already intense thoughts: "please don't suck PLEASE DON'T SUCK ..."

warbys prediction:

hitman movie : well made passable entertainment

imdb: 6.5/10

far cry movie: an indescribable mess

imdb: 2.1/10 Bottom 100: #31

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