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Think I'm Going to Buy A New Camera


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I had a Digital Elph for a while and it took relatively good pictures but it's main selling point was that it was literally pocket size, every other camera I've owned it was a bitch to carry around. The thing broke. I'm going to Florida on Thursday and am probably going to be doing some SCUBA diving and want to buy a replacement. I'm fairly sure I want to by a PowerShot SD850 IS, while it has 2 MP less than the model above it, it has Image Stabilization which apparently is needed in low light situations and it has 4x optical zoom as opposed to 3x. I was just wondering if anyone had any objections or suggestions for a different camera. I also plan on buying an underwater case along with it. I think I'll be buying it from http://www.profeel.com if that makes a difference. Overnight shipping ftw.

Specs and such:

http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/contr ... elid=15262

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Canon SD850 IS Silver 8.0 MP Digital Camera 4X Optical Zoom - Retail

Item #: N82E16830120208

Limited Non-Refundable 30-Day Return Policy




Canon WP-DC15 Waterproof Case For SD850 IS/SD800 IS/SD700 IS - Retail

Item #: N82E16830996012

Limited 30-Day Return Policy



LENMAR DLC5L 3.7V 1120mAh NoMEM Li-Ion DC Battery Replaces NB-5L - OEM

Item #: N82E16830997054

Limited Non-Refundable 30-Day Return Policy


Subtotal $563.97

Tax $0.00

FedEx Standard Overnight $27.04

Rush Processing $2.99

Order Total $594.00


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my dad has a d80 and like i said, i wanted a pocket sized camera. 379 for the camera is as cheap as you're going to get it. the case is expensive but worth it and i bought a second battery. plus shipping and expediting and tax yeah it's a lot of money but if you spend the same money on a slr camera you'd have a lenseless crappy slr camera with 8mb of cards.

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woo hoo got teh camera and im leaving in 2 1/2 hours for the airport. i'll have pics in a few days. i'm bringing the lappy so i should be able to get some on the internets there. if not i'll get them up on next friday :D

the camera is rather tits, the lcd is awesome, the pics are decent, not amazing but still damn good. just take them in the sunlight and you're good. the last under water camera case we had was for an older big digi cam, this one is like half the size so it should be nice.

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flight was delayed a day because of weather but other wise i've been in florida for 6 days. my dad had a problem with his scuba license so he couldnt scuba dive one of the days. he had to make some phone calls to turks and caicos ($$$) to sort out the problem. we ended up snorkeling with some manatees one day. i didnt really get any pics because the water was crap. i got 2 or 3 pics of white blobs in the water or their nose coming out for air. then we went to this place that was a giant sinkhole in the ground. probably 30 ft from the ceiling to the water and another 100 ft down. real cool lighting because of a hole in the roof and blue water. we didnt dive due to the license problem. then we went to a spring fed river that was real nice and clear. dad sorted the problems and i got some nice under water pics of little fishies and people and turtles and a little cave. i probably got 5 real good pics out of it. i wish i could have dove more but what ever. we'll have to come back in the winter and do more diving (apparently the water is so much clearer and the water is the same temp because it's spring fed.) i dont have anything to resize the pic with on my laptop and i cant upload them but i'll be home tomorrow night and i'll see if i can do it. i get to sleep in my uncle's house tonight with like 7 extra guests D:

oh and we rented a sweet (gaytastic) PT cruiser convertible that we cruised around in and naturally chicks just jumped in when we hit red lights.

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