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Saving Private Ryan...


Did you see "Saving Private Ryan"?  

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Yar, an excellent film for sure. The only thing that outdoes it in my opinion is Band of Brothers, which might as well be a super-long film. :cool:

Anyone who hasn't seen either seriously owes it to themselves to watch them. I don't think there are any films depicting WW2 that're more stellar than those pair.

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i enjoyed bob, i would watch it again but having seen it before it's not really the same. looking forward to that pacific theater series they are working on.

I would really love to see the same amount of production go into a Vietnam series. That was by far one of the most compelling eras in our history :S

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Saving private ryan is a pretty good movie, with some interesting scenes and a good post-production, but the story is just stupid...

Personnaly, the best war movie i've ever seen was a movie made by the BBC called "warriors", about the war in former yugoslavia. It's not a blockbuster so you don't have any "kick ass" scene but believe guys, this movie really make you understand how awful is the war: burned people, mass murders, people hanged in front of their house by the local mafia, UN soldiers unautorized to do anything who just can watch people being killed...it's really hard.

But if you're looking for some very good war movies, there are two french movies about the WWI, one called "A very long engagement", made by Jean-pierre Jeunet, the guy who made "amelie" and "Alien 4". This movie is a fiction but once again, this movie really make you understand the horror of war and how people can be desperated.

Another movie, more positive, is "Joyeux noel (merry chrismas)" which is a movie about a TRUE story. During chrismas 1914, German, french, and scottish soldier came out of their trench and spent chrismas together, on the battlefield. Their had "diner" all together, they even played football together, they talked about their life, their familly and some german soldiers even accepted to transmit some mail from the french soldier to their famillies in occupied territory. And the fact that this story is totally true really make our brain work if you see what i mean ;)

you can see the trailer of merry chrismas here: http://www.moviemaze.de/media/trailer/2 ... stmas.html (the trailer is different depending on the language you choose. In my opinion, the french and german trailers are the best, the US one is boring)

And the trailer of "a very long engagement" here: http://www.moviecentre.net/upcomingmovi ... er/217.php (same trailer for all languages, it's just the text who change a bit)

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Its a entertaining movie but it has the hollywood disease (silly story, too much patriotism and lack of realism). The opening scenes at the beach are a highlight of cinema history tho.

Band of Brothers is pretty good. has some silly moments too but its not as worse as in SPR.

My favourite ww2 movies are Stalingrad and Das Boot.

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