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Misty morning.


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First off im trying, i dont had very much time to be out and get skill, also i dont think i really "know" my camera yet. And i guess its not such a good camera anyway. Still i try to find interesting objects to shoot. Anyway i was going to work one day and it was all misty outside in the morning. And i whished i had my camera with me. Lucky me though a couple of days i looked outside the window before i went to work and saw it was the same mist again, so this time i grabbed my camera with me. some of the pics are somewhat grainy and i really dont know why. I use 50-100 ISO and fast "opener" !? Anyway here goes nothing.








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I have this one: http://www.samsungcamera.com/product/pro_view.asp?prol_uid=1057&cat_uid=11

I'm aware it is not a pro cam or anything, but i would think i could take some what better shots. I haven't seen any settings for anti-shake and i dont know what you mean by small-chip-cam. I just hope it is a matter of learning the camera better, or else it is just that bad. I know that taking macro is a bitch. It says on that site i can take clooser then 5cm, but if i try that (both in manual/auto) its just blurry. If you have any pointer os good advice about how to take better pics with this sort of camera im all ears :)

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Your pictures have nice "film" feeling to them, but the grain is bit too saturous, so it kinda pops out more (this red, blue, yellow dust you see on the picture). Photoshop can help, and there are some programs designed just for removing it.

Never put such horrible borders to a picture again. Actually the only border that ever really looks good is this kind of thin black border, all kinds of gradients etc. look terrible.

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