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Beginner Photography - When boredom kicks in


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Hey there

I'm from the UK - and unfortunately live in the middle of nowhere, in a little place called Coulsdon.

As you can imagine, this leads to extreme boredom - so I've decided to try my hand at photography. While wandering around Kent for a week, I purchased myself a Nikon D50 to keep me company. When it comes down to it, I really don't know what i'm doing, but I'd like to think I've got an eye for detail. These were taken in Kent and back home, so I'd like to share:












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and again i spotted some blur-filter-fake-DOF-photoshopped photo. with the focal length you used in this picture you cant achieve such a small range of sharpness. though you applied the filter in a vertical gradient way. :eng101:

when using short focal lengths you get unlimited sharpness ranges. so any "DOF"-like effects will NEVER appear. to get those unsharpness you have to use long focal lengths. this will have 2 effects: 1. background gets blurred out (thats what you wanted) but the 2. effect is, that the background get a bigger "scaling".


as you can see in this picture the statues head stays pretty much the same size because i moved the camera forward and backward (300mm == biggest distance). because the background is getting a bigger scaling it gets more blurred out. the 55mm looks much more sharp than the 300mm one because you have still same amount of pixels but the window you see (or the angle of view) is smaller. i hope this makes things clearer and i dont have to see such horribly photoshopped images again :fist:

when will people learn that applying blur filters to their images does not make them look any better? :cry:

though some of your photos are nice. the one with the bird is heavily sharpened. people can see filter contours in the blue of the sky.

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I can see what you're saying, but I haven't sharpened or blurred any of the photos. :(

Original: http://blackmage.org/supernorn/photos/p ... C_0431.jpg

Also the rollercoaster and the last three are nice. MORE.

The Rollercoaster is at Folkestone beach in Kent and is next to some kind of abandoned Arcade. The weather was wet and windy and pretty awful, and there were removal guys pulling the arcade apart when I got there, but I have more:







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i purchased a canon ixus 70 for my mum yesterday. seems to be a nice cheap camera, but i got to wait for the postman till i can give feedback. if you have money i would recommend a Canon EOS 350D or 400D. they have awesome quality and many add-on possibilities. i still have my EOS 300D which is kind of "old" by now but as long as it produces nice images, i wont buy a new one.

if buying a camera don't pay too much attention on resolution, because doubled resolution results in powered by 2 megapixels. so the difference between 6MP and 10MP is pretty much not noticeable. make sure you can try everything out. take a look at unphotoshopped images. take a look at RAW data. best thing i can recommend is to ask a friend to borrow his camera for a day or 2 and play with it. usually the people in stores don't know what they are talking of.


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