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CS:S light_spot and fluorescent problem


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Hi, I'm working on a map with a friend, I'm doing most of the entity work on it but I'm having problems with lighting. When i try to do a light with a fluorescent flashing effect it ends up lighting half the map when I do a quick compile. Is this because of a lack of visleafs? Also, when I try to add a spotlight (light_spot entity) they don't show up when I do a quick compile. (A full compile seems like it will take days) Is this usual?

Also can someone give me tips on optimisation and I've already read the rvanhoorn page :) We've already tried using env_fog but this did'nt really seem to help. The map is quite large and open and it's not possible to split it up with conventional walls, we're trying to split it with hint/clip and sections of skybox but are'nt too sure how the hint/skip is used. Is it to be used to split visleafs up?

Here are some screenshots to give you an idea of what we're doing, any help would be great.



The screenshots are from a quick compile and we have made all the smaller brushes (window frames/window sills/columns, etc) into func_detail so that the large brushes left will mostly be large boxes or uncomplicated shapes. Is it better to have more small visleafs or less larger visleafs?

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to make your flashy effect use a point_spotlight or a env_sprite with renderfx set to ConstantGlow and rendermode to World Space Glow, don't forgot "Start on" flag.

Your maps look crazy to visleaf :D Try to use Hint brush for divide each part of map in as a closed area.

In first part, each part of building area.

In secund part, Each 'inside' hidden part o building like the staire area of the main building o your first screen.

use LOD for each model with your fog effect.

finnaly group all building detail bursh into func_detail or check you map in glview to see what brush turn you visleaf crazy. then turn it to a func_detail.

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