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Can someone translate what is said in this video ?


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Recently I saw this video on the Internet.


Yeah, this is real you know, because on the Internet, everything is real.

Well.. can someone explain to me (and others) what are these kids talking about ? Looks like a nordic language, and I don't get it at all AND I know there's nordic people out there. I think it kinda ruins the message to not understand what is said.

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It has "Some crAzY norwegian kids...", so a good guess that the language is norwegian;)

The text at the end says "There is an a lot of small engineers. We look forward to them growing up". It's an advertisement for Hydro which I believe is an off-shore company.

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yootoob is amazine:

bigbold2 (3 hours ago) Marked as spam

Did they get arrested for this? Seems a bit dumb putting it on the net.

ThePunisher4369 (2 days ago) Marked as spam

is that real or special effects?

Roppat (2 days ago) Marked as spam

is that really a fake?

MrHomerun (2 days ago) Marked as spam

Wow! Simply amazing!!!

But it's still pretty dangerous.

I hope they revomed everything afterwards, to avoid the risk om someone getting killed, because that clearly wouldn't help anybody.

simisthebest (2 days ago) Marked as spam

WTF? how da hell did they get away wid doin dat

sylvaint100 (1 day ago) Marked as spam

At :30 secs into the video, the camera is inside the loop. At :34 secs into the video, the camera moves to the left, BEHIND the front of the loop. The big structure between the cameraman and his next position makes it impossible for him to move there in a split second. Besides, I don't think the structure would be study enough to hold straight up with a train this size and weight going full speed. Roller coaster carts do have wheels underneath the tracks, trains do not!

winflip (21 hours ago) Marked as spam

unbelievable what so little kids can do today. kinda like the pyramide thing, you know. there's still no definite explanation how they could have been build by the people back then.

flyers184 (17 hours ago) Marked as spam

probley a roller coaster

theamateurbasher (9 hours ago) Marked as spam

Crikey,that was hair-raising! I'm surprised the train didn't come off before it even made the comp


jezp (17 hours ago) Marked as spam

it's kind of depressing that some people think this is real

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