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Quake Wars Beta Released!


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Nah, no chance. I'd rather wait for the final, polished product rather than play a unbalanced, buggy build and experience it properly. From what I've heard from current testers it is indeed quite rough, and I've never personally played a beta that didn't piss me off a fair bit with its issues even though they're inevitable. :oops:

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Well as it is a beta, after about 2 hours playtime I can say it's the same as any other beta release - laggy and a complete sytem whore. Apart from that I'm enjoying what I can that isnt ruined by lag or a poor framerate.

You have to wait untill tomorrow unless you're a fileplanet sub :)

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Not more like Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, then? :cool:

But yeah, this really isn't to be considered a sequel to any of the Quakes as such. I can see that easily confusing a lot of people though, considering how ambiguously games are titled these days. :oops:

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