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New book - I need dev interviews.


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So, I've decided to take the whole book thing to the next level and work on a new and especially bigger new book. My new book is going to be about the game industry in general. Aimed at starters it will to do two things. First of all it talks them through the pro and contras of our industry. Basically, what sucks and what rocks. And secondly it provides tips and advice on how to apply, get hold of a job, what to look out for, how to look for a studio that suit your needs and so on.

To spice all of that up, my intention is to add a bunch of interviews again. Just like last time. Only, this time they'll be smaller and I need a lot more of them. 30 or so would do.

Anybody feel like helping me out ?:)

-You get to be in a book, that's cool man!

-You need to be a game industry professional so no modders and students please (sorry).

-It are only three questions/half a page I need.

-Any game industry profession will do!

You can reply in this thread, or email the answers to me if you don't feel like disclosing them to the whole world just yet.

My Email: me@Hourences.com




One thing to note: I don't know how many will reply to this, but I only got space for a few interviews. I need a mixed set of interviewees. If 20 level designers are going to reply, I really can't guarantee you will all be in. The book should not turn into another level design book.

If you know this really awesome cool programmer/audio guy/something-non-level-designer-ish at work or wherever, and you think he might be interested, send him the link!

I need a really diverse set of interviews.


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Oh you and your books :D

I would be happy to participate, but its kinda late so I'll have to do it tomorrow tho.

Actually I'm quite interested in seeing what people are going to answer, I reckon that although some things are universally fucked (and blessed) in this industry, then theres still a lot of things that are different from place to place.

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I'd love to participate, but I bet you will get alot of level designer submissions. Anyway, I'll send in my answers, and you can use them if you want. I'll also force PhilipK into answering, and try to get our audio guy at work to answer as well.

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Hey cool that you are doing a new book Hourences! It seems like you picked an interesting subject, there should definitely be enough crazy stuff to write about this business. I had planned on writing an article myself about how to get into the industry and what to expect, but I guess I can drop that idea now:)

My answers:


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Actually I'm quite interested in seeing what people are going to answer, I reckon that although some things are universally fucked (and blessed) in this industry, then theres still a lot of things that are different from place to place.

True and this is why I cant fill out the form, although I would love to help :)

I am still working on my first title, in the first professional studio I am - to apply the experience I gathered in that timeframe to the entire industry is presumptuous in my opinion.

Consequently all dislikes would be connected to my current employer, which is naturally not a good thing (adding your name above your background information or not :) ).

But I dont wanna ruin the fun for everyone else, Im looking forward to hear more about your new book Hourences!

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I'm in the same situation as Frie - I don't think it would be good to rant about my first and current job. I'd love to contribute but I don't think I'm the best candidate for it anyway, there's plenty of people with more experience to draw their opinions from than me. Best of luck with it though mate :)

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I actually hadn't thought about that Frie. Unless you mention really broad topic then it probably can't help but be company specific issues, which in turn would be kinda unprofessional to mention in an open forum.

Think I'll sit this one out instead ;D

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You're are all too modest or scared:)

I understand the problem but there is no need to go into details with the answers. Like Zackers answers, those are broad. It doesn't tear down the company he's working for at all. Nothing wrong with broad answers.

Other answers I got are like "I don't like all the relocation a job in the gamesindustry requires" and "deadlines are always such a stressy times".

Again, those kind of answers won't have any influence on your career.

I'm especially interested in any friends or colleagues that might be interested. Coders or so.

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I don't think you guys should be so paranoid about this. You are not being asked to make specific criticisms about your employer, but rather the way the industry as a whole functions.

Personally I love my job at Sony, and they are by far the best employer I have worked for during my time in the industry. However this does not mean that they are totally perfect, something I am sure they would be happy to admit.

There are always negative aspects of the way the dev industry works that are bigger than any one employer, however powerful or successful they might be. I cannot see how expressing an opinion on what these are, and how you personally believe they can be improved could possibly be construed by an employer as any kind of grounds for discrimination towards you. In fact, doing so would almost certainly contravene employment laws in the European Union.

As for only having worked at one employer, sure this does give you a somewhat smaller range of experience from which to judge the industry, but at the same time all us folks on this forum talk and share experiences of dev and how it affects our day to day lives. In my opinion this makes us all more than eligible to make broad comment on the generalities of what is right about dev and what is wrong.

So come on, don't be shy, post up what you think, or at least mail Hourences your thoughts. Its just opinion, not NDA breaking disclosure :)

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