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Unable to compile .mdl using studiomdl


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Been reading through the above tutorial and decided to export and convert a quick test model. I've followed it through to the part where I use studiomdl.exe - I can't get the program to start compiling.

It says to use a command line. I've tried command prompt but it can't find folders in "program files" / I've tried the bar at the top of the folder but it loads up IE / I've tried creating a bat file. The most I get is half a second of a window. I've managed to print screen this but has no errors. My command line goes like so;

studiomdl.exe "C:\Program Files\Valve\Steam\steamapps\deathquakis\sourcesdk\bin\vehicle.qc"

Nothing. No MDL, no errors/logs. Everything is spelt correctly and folder destination is correct. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?

.qc file; (since it's just a test I've left some things the same)

$modelname vehicle.mdl

$surfaceprop "paper"

$cdmaterials "models"

$scale 3.5


$body studio "vehicle.smd"

$sequence idle "vehicle_idle" fps 1

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Update; It can't load filesystem_steam.dll in the sourcesdk\bin\ folder - I copied it in there but again nothing.

Saw this, http://developer.valvesoftware.com/wiki/Answered_Help_Desk_Questions#StudioMdl.exe_Error

So I add the game folder in, but it still doesn't want to do anything... Going to take a look at that GuiStudiomdl.exe mentioned.

Final Edit;

A conclusion is that is doesn't want to load filesystem_steam.dll. (before you ask as well, steam is loaded)

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