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So zilla, any news on those mapcore tshirts?


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Heh this is an interesting timing, because I'm trying to get a mapcore shirt made for a couple of weeks. I got the logo from Zaphod, DD converted it into a vector graphics but that shirt company I got here keeps having trouble with the graphic, so I haven't fixed it completely yet.

I want a black or dark blue shirt so the graphic could be only 2 colours anyway, so if you can come up with something Mike, I would order one right away.

I was thinking about the mapcore logo (with "a game design community" below it, like on the website) on the front and "www.mapcore.net" at the top of the back.

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Man, I would be so keen for a mapcore T-Shirt. I can try and help out. I have some contacts in the clothing industry actually. The factory next door is a clothing factory, maybe I can speak to them.

Yeah, everyone should be able to get one, so international is the only way to go. Also, I don't think we should have like a billion designs, just like 1-3 really good ones imo.

- Ewok

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