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Thanks for the kind words everyone :)

just a small notice: downloading the resume as DOC file is not good. if you want it to be easy downloaded without loosing layout, then make it a pdf. open office is free and might export pdf's OR you make it a simple html page.

work is of course nice, but the overall usability of your portfolio site isn't that good. :eng101:

Yeah I'm planning on changing the resume to a popup HTML window, and from there offering a PDF download, but I've not gotten around to it yet. I'll grab open office and see if it will do the job, thanks for the pointer. Any others specifics on the usability issues?

Awesome stuff but I would like to know how you got that flatshading effect.

I just created a set of flat colour textures, and used the position of the sun in my skybox to apply different shades to faces manually. I then entered all the textures into a .rad file so they would all become texture lights, and therefore all be rendered fullbright without the map itself being fullbright. Because there aren't ACTUALLY any lightmaps being rendered you can use a really high chop value without it having any effect on the visuals, so RAD doesn't need to take much time at all to compile.

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Hey Reno, I like your portfolio page! And your level design also:) Some mentioned that you got too much text, which I disagree with - but I guess that might have been in an earlier version?

I remember having a good time in your old HLDM maps Echo and Torrent and I believe it's a very good idea that you leave in this older stuff.

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Somebody elsewhere pointed out that the text on the banner looked pretty hideous, and I then realised that I agreed. I've gone for the rather typical choice of "impact" as a replacement font, and unoriginal as it is I think it looks nicer. Agree, disagree? Thanks again for all the comments guys.

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That's a lotta fonts to look through! Oh well, I looked for about 30 seconds and found one that while probably not perfect, is another improvement. Just worried it seems sorta at odds with the rest of the website, but hey, I'm not trying to demonstrate skills in web design :)

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Really impressive portfolio. I played The Ship over the last free weekend and especially enjoyed the maps :)


Btw using Open Office is a pretty unnecessary way to make pdfs (mainly because it means you come into contact with open office, yuck).

You can 'print to pdf' from any standard application (word/excel/photoshop/anything...) by using an application like PrimoPDF (which I recommend).

file > print > select PrimoPDF as printer > print

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