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You Are Empty, released on GamersGate!


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Well, the game we've all been waiting for, You Are Empty is released.

1C Company, Mandel ArtPlains and Digital Spray Studios are happy to announce that You Are Empty is now available through digital distribution.

You Are Empty is a first-person shooter which offers players an alternative approach to the history of the late fifties of the XX century. Scene of action is the Soviet Union. Leading Soviet scientists start a big experiment that alter human physiology and mentality in order to create super humans capable of building bright future and communism all over the world. But something goes wrong. As a result the whole city, where that experiment took place, goes on a rampage. The majority of citizens died, and those who survived turned into hideous mutants - the only inhabitants of deserted streets. You Are Empty immerses you in an exaggerated dark and obscure atmosphere of Soviet totalitarianism. Fighting against mutants, that obtained super power after the experiment was carried out, the main hero tries to gain an understanding of what's happening around and save the day.

You Are Empty is available for download on the game digital distribution portal GAMERSGATE (http://www.gamersgate.com).

Anyone already have the game? I think I want to buy it, but I'm not sure yet :oops:

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Screenshot 7 in the gallery. Any excuse to show off breasts! It does however seem like another "shooter you play when bored" indeed. Then again if I saw it real cheap I'd pick it up, since these days I don't like spending full price to get a kick in the teeth.

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