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First picture off Half-Life:Source


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yumm yumm, makes me wanna play HL 1 again even more :D

and rember

HL:S is not a major graphical upgrade like CS:Source. The textures, geometry and maps are largely untouched. On the other hand, the conversion benefits from Source's shadows, physics and reflections.

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uh... was it just me, or was that very ugly? :P

It's just you and those who didn't read the quote underneath the picture.

Actually, I did read the quote.. but as I recall, the quote didnt change any of the pixels in that image so it looked better... or something like that...

Its still ugly, some quote saying that its "not a major graphical upgrade" doesnt make the image look better...

infact, that kind of detailed water looks so out-of-place that its so creepingly ugly...

get my drift?

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