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Done! It's late (2:30 in the morning :( ) so for now I'm just posting this picture - I'll follow up over the weekend with the rest of the goods, including closer angles to make good use of the large textures.



In hind-sight I chose the backdrop image rather quickly and should have at LEAST flipped it so that the clouds were catching the orange lighting from the top. And the ground itself could have used more attention, but really this piece was about the shop so I'm too worried about it.

I'm going to try and take a break for a while to finish up something else I'm working on that is NOT a portfolio addition but am anxious to show everyone.

However, if I do decide do another project I'm thinking this:


One thing worth noting is almost all texture photo sourcing was taken from CGTextures.com. Big thanks to Marcel for having that site around.

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I really like the blue + orange lighting, it gives the scene a nice contrast. But I must say that sky is horrible, it makes the composition look totaly unbalanced...

I couldn't avoid spending most of my time looking at that bright sky instead of looking at the building, the actual subject. Try using a darker sky. Don't use overbright colors on the sky. Bright colors usualy draw all the viewer's atention to them.

What I'm trying to say is that I get a very unpleasant feeling when I look at your composition. My eyes can't stop looking at the sky even though I was supposed to only appreciate your modelling.

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Freakin Mino...I was going to say that. The mountains in the background should be a little lower? Also (just for the sake of being a crit because I know I can't do better) the left wall is kinda boring to look at.

For some reason...I'm REALLY drawn to that shield on the far right with the red cross on it.

Awesome job...REALLY detaled stuff.

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