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[HL2DM] down_there - finally done

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Well now,

I guess some of you had a look into this thread... let's say - I hope so ;)

okay.. I'd say it's done. Perhaps you'll find one or two things that are not as perfect as they could be :oops: , but I like it as it is right now and I don't really have the time to care a lot more about this map. It's done and I guess it's good as it is ;)

Thanks Acumen for modeling and texturing all those nice models, Guriamo for modeling and texturing the banner model, ReFlex for some custom textures and general aid, CPoly for helping with those damn normalmaps.

(email addresses of these guys: info.txt in download archive)

enough for now, have a look:








And of course:

the download

I hope you enjoy it, thanks for all the comments in the w.i.p. topic that helped a lot, and please tell me what you think. ;)


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As you said you don't want to move on, but going to post some crits anyway :)

The brushwork and layout look good but the lighting mixing looks really bad.

If this is for HL2 DM, where are your weapon spawns and placements?

I see you went for the moonlight through the window effect but it doesn't blend well with the rest of the lighting. I thinks because everything is only yellow/brownish color.

Also add more variety to the texture set on the above level. It is to repetitive. Other textures, even decals should fix that up. A thing that would help "vari-itize" as I like to call it, is to add some base textures to only some of the pillars and parts of the walls. Than add different brick/stone to the walls in places that may of used to be an entrance or broken, or just for the hell of it to get rid of the repetition.

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Great work man, and this is coming from someone who knows how hard it is to make something as monotone as medieval bricks to look good :)

Very nice job.

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Thanks guys :)

I know that this is not the way everyone else would have done a map of a theme like this, but this is how it grew up ;)

I'll be doing this better next time! Has someone of you played this map? Perhaps even with some more players, not just started it to look around? :D


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