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Ubidays 2007

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The publisher promotion events continue and this time it's Ubisoft's turn with "Ubidays 2007" (is it just me or have these single publisher held events gained a lot more importance since E3 has been smashed to pieces?).

There is new footage of games such as Assassin's Creed, Haze and Brothers in Arms 3, but also a bunch of completely new games have been reveiled:

"Splinter Cell: Conviction", "Tom Clancy's: End War" and "Rayman Raving Rabbits 2" ( :v ).

http://www.gametrailers.com/ has pretty much all the media.

Any thoughts on the games? Who else thought the "End War" trailer looked pretty cool but still has no idea what the game actually is?

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Yeah UbiDays is Ubi's response to the death of E3 as we knew it. Naruto is the one game that stands out from the rest from my point of view. Most definitely the best looking, in its own genre that is.

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I'm certainly intrigued by End War, hopefully it will approach the RTS genre from a different angle as that seems to be their plan. Bit concerned about the apparently near 100% voice command controls, but they said you can use a pad as well so it should be fine. Fingers crossed it is mix and match rather than forcing you to pick one of the two systems though.

Naruto sounds cool, and I like the series and Gamecube games, so seeing a company like Ubisoft having a crack at it certainly appeals to me. Nice to see somebody using the license for something a bit more ambitious than a beat-em-up.

Not sure about the new Splinter Cell just yet - the trailer didn't leave me all that impressed. They are touting "active stealth" or whatever - blending into crowds and what not - but I haven't really seen any of it yet. I've got a lot of faith in the series though so I'll not condemn it based on one trailer :)

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enlighten me here, what happend to E3?

It's no more.

Well the E3 as we knew it is no more. Now E3 is pretty much a press / retailer / bank analyst only show with very little hooplah. Instead of being at the L.A. Convention Center with 70,000 attendees with mutlimillion dollar booths and all kind of crazy distractions, it's now strung across several hotels in the Santa Monca area (just west of L.A. city limit on the beach) and will be much quieter, cheeper, boringer... Tho still expect a fair amount of media come July when it's held.

I went to 6 or 7 straight E3's...I am going to miss it, yet last couple years was so nutty that I'm kind of glad to get a breather before the next crazy show takes it's place. Cause it was still cool and especially to meet up with mapcorians over the years.

Kudos to Ubi for pimpin their stuff in their own show. I'm most interested in Assassin's Creed.

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