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Hello, your favourite idiot here again - so I am going to learn maya - had a play around with it today and it feels very comfortable, I like it more than I like max already but anyway: I need some good basic tutorials, VTM's or written - stuff that runs over where they keys are - how to chamfer, extrude, (etc) - basically all the stuff I know how to do in max but don't know where to click to make it happen in maya.

Things like uv mapping and bringing materials into the app, lighting and so on.

Also rendering to textures, baking shadow maps and normal maps.

I'm going to grab the 3dbuzz tut's (always found them useful when starting a new program) but I want stuff that focuses on game art creation more heavily.

If anyone can offer up some good sites or places to start I'd be very grateful - I may even fellate you.

Thanks in advance <3

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I too need a good uvmapping tutorial for Maya. Google turned up a pile of shit for me so far :(

I kinda like the style of unwrapping like Wings3D has, where you just mark a lot of 'cuts' on the 3d model then hit unwrap, and it does it automatically. Then you can adjust the uv, scale and sew stuff together if you wish.

Is that noob-ish? It always made most sense to me. I hate having to keep selecting small parts and choosing between planar and cylindrical etc. etc, seems so low-tech.

Is there something similar to that style in Maya?

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Yes, there is. You can just select every texture you need and hit automatic mapping.

I've got a tutorial on UV mapping but I can't remember where I got it from, I'll have to upload it somewhere.

And if you want to get the know Maya a bit this VTM from 3dbuzz might help:

http://www.3dbuzz.com/vbforum/sv_buzz_d ... 1&file=528

It's in the VTM's about the unreal engine but this video only explains things about Maya.

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