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Iraq scenery


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Thanks for the c&c :)

It lacks color, true, maybe i would've drop the fog value a lot if i just had the time. Could've added more lights on balconies too, lazyness. Maybe i'll update this one day, i've had enough of it for now :)

I am not fond of the palm you have chosen, the leaf textures are heavily oversharpened.

PhilipK made them, i believe they're just fine, maybe they got screwed up when i added contrast with ps or when i saved it as jpg :?

There needs to be more detail in the background and you could also add some tall buildings behind the current buildings to create a more "city" feel to it.

Well yeah, i was supposed to model mosque and that kinda stuff there but like i said, run out of time. Iraq looks kinda boring tho, at least lot of places of sadr city is just boring as shit

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Let me tell you something from my 3 years experience of iraq mapping. To get the realistic look right add SHITLOADS of advertisement signs and decals to the map. everywhere on rooftops, on walls, hanging over the streets etc. Also add shitloads of cables hanging from everywhere even places that seem to be totaly ridiculous for western standarts.

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