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My first map...


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...in a year

well... ive always been foddling around with XT's textures (xt_italy), actually i made a complete map with those textures once, but i scrapped it because the mod died...

now ive tried making something again with the textures (4th time), but it always ends up too blocky :(

maybe i should just give up mapping, since everything i create is blocky...


anyways.. heres a pic;


(i didnt know which button that was the screenshot one, so i just pressed everything, thats the reason for the "saved")


Updated the area... think i'll stop now.. or?


Does it still look very boring? I will try to change the architecture a little around the map... i think ive got some good ref images now :) They help alot... AND im thinking of changing the setting to sunset.. i think the redish sun could change the atmosphere alot...

COMMENTS~~!!! (&help)

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I like it when people try to make people think that their first maps were like pretty cool (HI FETTER!1). I dont see what the big deal is, everybody starts as total nubs, theres no point in denying it :)

Anyway, looks okay Skjalg. Ive never been a big fan of those textures though. Try fiddling with the lighting and change that skybox~

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ok, im compiling a new version thingie... tried to add some extra stuff to some buildings + lowering the rails and changed the skybox... but whats wrong with the lightning?

im not good with lightning at all, but i think that light_env looks good now.. or?


ntw, ive never said this is my first map ever... ;)

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heh matches doom3 gfx cj

looks good skjalg but is kinda boring. Try out some exquisite architecture and more interesting lighting

exquisite architecture is what im trying to do, yes... but thats my problem, i just cant figure out how... it just ends up blocky :(

Interesting lightning.. hm... maybe i should fiddle with the light_env ?

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