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- things with potato in it

- things with milk in it

- things that stop water and make us live in a delta-envoironment



Submarine (1578, Cornelius Drebbel)

Microscope (1590, Hans and Zacharias Janssen)

Telescope (1608, Hans Lippershey)

Pendulum clock (1656, Christiaan Huygens)

Kidney machine (1944, Willem Kolff)

Artificial heart (1957, Willem Kolff)

Compact Disc (1970's)

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Microscope (1590, Hans and Zacharias Janssen)

Telescope (1608, Hans Lippershey)

I love the Dutch; "schokay we haef created dis toob that lets us schee really close. But now we will make schomesing that lets us see stuff really far away.

Schokay so who wants to hit a bong?"

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Printing press (Johann Gutenberg, 1450)

Pocket watch (Peter Henlein, 1504)

Calculating machine (Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, 1671)

Blue Jeans (Levi Strauss, 1853)

Telephone (Philipp Reis, 1861)

Refrigerator (Karl von Linde, 1876)

Four-stroke internal combustion engine (Nikolaus August Otto, 1877)

Automobile engine (Karl Benz, 1879)

Automobile (Karl Benz & Otto Daimler, 1885)

Glider (Otto Lilienthal, 1891)

Diesel engine (Rudolf Diesel, 1893)

X-ray (Wilhelm Konrad Röntgen, 1895)

Computer (Konrad Zuse, 1941)

Guided missile (Wernher von Braun, 1942)

MP3 (Bernhard Grill, 1995)

Von Braun got stoled by zee Americans :(


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