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Looks good for a CS 1.6 map, nice brushwork. The lighting looks a little weird though imo. You should either have gone for a colder (with blue/green'ish lights) or for a more dramatic look (with strong contrast/brighter point lights + high -gamma value). At the moment it's just generic point lights all over the map. And add the lamp's texture to the lights.rad file so it looks bright ingame.

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Some random guy made another aim_dust map (just a box with... boxes) and i told him about the unoriginality of the theme... well... then he said that i have 2 days to make a better map. And i thought it would be nice to see what i can do in that time... :)

Thats mainly the reason for some of the errors in the map.

I'll propably make a de_ version of this map. but then there's no time limit so i can waste more time making/aligning textures, special effects and lighting.

Lighting seems to be the only thing i get crits about... :/

What do you think about the tower?

It was just a cylinder but i think it looked ugly so i added the top part...

Kinda OT but anyway:

Funny how func_walling reduces compiling time... I compiled the map. vis took 1,5 hours of the time. then i noticed some small errors at the spawnpoints (too close to each other -> some people died at the spawn) so i had to edit that. I func_walled lots of things when i fixed the spawns and vis took only 3 minutes :)

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