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commandos 3


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Commandos 3 is the EASIEST game from the Commandos series. I finished

the game in the very same day I bought it. In my opinion it was a huge

dissapointment, the game was nowhere near as good as Commandos 2.

Anyways if you've played Commandos 1 & 2, then Commandos 3 should be

a piece of cake.

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Part 2 kicked my ass. I don't think I got past the 4th or 5th mission. Good game though...Just wish I had more patience with it. Never played 3 however, just the nature of those games I guess. Not for the casual gamer. Or the faint of heart, or those with high blood pressure.

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Commandos 1 and its expansion pack were pretty difficult, but Commandos 2 took the absolute piss. Not only were the maps bewilderingly huge, but they were packed with enemies -- indoors and outdoors -- that were placed in the worst locations ever.

Incidentally, I decided to replay the Metal Gear Solid games recently and was amazed at how much it reminds me of Commandos when you play it in hard mode.

In normal mode it's a pretty good stealth game, but fuck me hell. I tried playing it on hard last week and it feels more like Commandos 3D; the enemies can see further, they can hear better, they do more damage, and it's just generally reminiscent of the "it takes an hour to get past two guys" gameplay of Commandos 2 where you watch them for ages to try and find the weak point.

If you like Commandos and never played MGS, get Twin Snakes (superior total remake of MGS1 for the GameCube). If you don't have a GameCube, get MGS3 (enhanced Subsistence edition) for the PS2 that is actually a prequel to MGS1 and thus makes total sense anyway, and is the most Commandos-like in the series thanks to its jungle/fortress/mountain action. :cool:

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I spend ages on the first Commandos, truly immersed myself in that game for months. And even with that said Commandos 2 blew me away. One of the best games ever made, think the lighter difficulty really helped in bringing in new people as well.

Thats why my disappointment with Commandos 3 felt so much greater. They just made Commandos 2 too good all round, plain and simple. Couldn't top it :). The levels I tried in 3 just wasn't exciting, 2 had much more energy and power.

Oh and dont get me started on that latest 3D one, I mean wtf!?

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