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Crazy Bump 2.6


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@ ferret - if you google "crazybump" it takes you to the download page, so I'm simply saving the people here some time by removing the google steps. I'm sure the guys who use crazybump here will add in their emails to receive updates and news as I thoughtfully did when it came out.

Besides - more users = more feedback so hopefully I didn't do anything to piss the nice guy off.

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Any tool that lets you finish the job faster and with a high level of quality can only be viewed as a good thing, IMO. If you're worried that random plebs can push buttons and get the same results as someone who has invested years of practice, don't be. It's ammo for your arsenal -- just another tool to get the job done. A good developer will just use tools as part of their workflow to enhance the final product, whereas a pleb will be limited to pressing buttons, changing sliders and hoping for the best. If the pleb can't get the results they're looking for, they're stumped. I'm speaking as a texturing semi-pleb, btw :P

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