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this is the Fallout 3 teaser countdooOOooown


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the black isle version of fallout 3 was just released. This is a tech demo from 2003.



http://www.nma-fallout.com/forum/dload. ... ile_id=892



I'm downloading it right now! I'm maybe a little bit too excited for whats probably a buggy techdemo. But still... fallout in 3d!!!

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Oh gawd I cant wait! Ever since that fucking tiny poster at E3 (05?) I've been wanting Fallout 3 real bad. Really hope (and think) that Bethesda are clever enough to keep it real to the Fallout roots but still add some new stuff.

Definitely exciting, by far one of the games I'm looking most forward to hearing about~

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I’m so horny for Fallout 3, but I must say I’m finding developers’ plugging big titles with a teaser cooldowns for their teaser movies is kind of maddening... Still going to be waiting with bated breath though.

Oblivion was really far from being a great game, it was still a good game, but it comes to something when you have to download mods to get noticeable character progression in an RPG.

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