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What is your most prestigious award?


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I was just curious as to what the mapcore community has accomplished. I mean, obviously we have a shit load of talent in all fields here, and we've had our niche in the internet for quite sometime, but I was curious as to what the community has accomplished on a person by person basis outside the realm of the community. List anything you feel is an accomplishment.

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Guest The_Postman

this shitty plastic plaque i got from EA (well everyone at Gearbox got one, en masse in various boxes)

it reminds me daily of how much this job can fucking suck, so that i don't get too damned starry eyed.

thankfully Landon, our beneficent project lead got us better trophies which were shadow boxes with Walther PPKs (fake) inside with MI6 badges. Radical!

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I got the chance to showcase my MOD (Monkeystrike) at the Valve MOD Expo in Dallas, 2002. I met the guys from Valve, CliffyB at the CPL and visited ID Software. That was pretty cool.

Last November I presented some possible MOD concepts for FarCry at Crytek and took a look at the development tools, that was nice too.

...and on Monday I'll have a job interview but I'll keep details for myself until I know something definite.

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Guest John Kerry

ill take the "stuck up, conceded bastard award" ty very much... i just didnt know i was stuck up... oh well..

go to hell urban


i was being nice


you can go and fucking die

and rot

i plan on it

where no one cares about you

but yourself

cause you are a stuck up, conceded bastard

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