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Paranoia mod


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The textures really do look like ass, even for HL1. It's almost a lesson in how not to do photo-based textures. Might look better if they had someone with AA take the screenshots.

I tried out the bump-map mod for HL1 and it absolutely killed performance, even in the tiny test map that came with it. They would be better off using higher-res textures or detailtextures, which are far less taxing and would look better than low-res bump-maps.

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Yeah that one is nice Rick, in some of their shots they seem to have washed out lighting which is quite complimentary to their photo style (kinda ofp-ish). Looking at some of the pics the textures are not bad, but the ones in this thread are some of the worst examples I guess.

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Mod's in the final stages of development:


Our project is going to the last stage of the development! Right now we are working on the last episode and that means we are close to final phase - testing and bug's fixing! Quality - this is our main priority! And also we have a new media for you! Check our media gallery for new screens and first ingame video!

Niiiice :cool:

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