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Waldmeisterschaft - Ahoj Brause [2d scrolling game]


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i made some different kind of leveldesign in february. today the game launched :) it is a neat flash based jump n run game where i had to create the leveldesign and level graphics + HUD

this project was a new experience for me that i really enjoyed, because 2d leveldesign is different in many ways + i REALLY love cartoony games so this job gave me the opportunity to check out how to create vector based graphics + cartoony assets.

play here:


levels/worlds i created:

world 1:


world 2:


world 3:


world 4:


world 5:


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Had a quick shot of it, and managed to get a bit into the jungle world. Nice little game - fairly basic mechanics but it does what it sets out to do. Level design seemed quite neat, and I liked the element of having to ration your ninja star things (which encouraged returning to a lower part of the level at times to grab a gem guarded by somebody you couldn't take out before). So good job mate, particularly if, as it sounds, this is your first foray into this sort of thing!

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Quite, hope you got some cash out of it as well.

not cash but i am currently waiting for my adobe creative suit cs3 MAC version :D finally i got some of those really expensive software licenses. CS 3 might be released/shipped these days. adobe said something of end of april. cant wait to hold the box in my hands :D


i got no documentation on the flash coding but i can tell you that there are flash 2d game engines around. maybe some googling will help you. i only did leveldesign level graphics + HUD. no coding in this job.


well it wasn't that much time that i spent on the concepts. in any way they were useful to check out some basic situations the player might get stuck in. maybe i should notice, that i did not implement the level in flash. what i did was level graphics and composed them in photoshop into a level + description so the programmer had only to convert my concept + illustrator graphics to flash compatible content.

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