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Cs_occupation Beta2


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the rest looks pretty solid, but lacks of originality :(

I can't think of any maps that are 'original'. I mean, even Corse is similar to Inferno. Telling people that their work "isn't original" really isn't helpful, especially when barely any maps are. And saying it right after they've spent 2 months on it certainly isn't very motivating.

well there was no CS map that had a church you can walk into. and though the was no map with a church yard. of course it has many things you might find in inferno, but it has significant new "features"

i didnt call this map crap. its a good looking map, but i dont feel like i have to download it. you know what i am sayin'?

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But not every map can be striking in originality, especially when sometimes the idea the person has may just be considered "cliche" and that making completely/mostly custom maps requires a hell of a lot of work to do that some people can't do. Not saying that's the case here, but some people may just want to do an industrial map, or an office map - and the best way of going about that is using default content because it keeps the size down, and it's the small custom maps that are more frequently played. And most players don't look at the map and decide "oh, I'm not downloading that since the screenshots vaguely remind me of some of default maps".

Gameplay is far more important in a custom map than the graphical originality. The same design could have been taken and used in a completely different environment, with all manner of custom content, but the gameplay would remain the same and the download would be bigger and way more than 2 months would be spent making it. And when it boils down to it, if it's got a larger filesize it won't be used on many custom servers.

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