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How many of you wore a suit to your interview?


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I would like an honest poll here. How many of you that currently have a job in the game industry in any position wore a suit to the interview that got you your job?

I only ask because I have had two professional jobs in the web development industry, both of which hired me because of my portfolio rather than my willingness to wear a suit, but I'm being constantly hounded by my university professors that wearing a suit is mandatory to every job interview. I'm tired of hearing it from professors who are preparing me for a job as a cubicle code monkey. I want to hear it from people that actually work in the industry I'm trying to get into.

My personal feeling is that if your company is shallow enough to the point where you're going to hire me based solely on my willingness to wear a suit, then I really dont want to work for you. Am I wrong to feel this way? (keep in mind that never at any point in my life do I want to work as a cubicle dweller for corporate america. I only plan on working in the game industry or as a college prof.)

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I dont even have a suit, let alone that ive ever worn one for an interview. Ive seen very very few people come by for an interview in a suit...

Youve said it yourself, if the company cares more about how you look then about your work you might want to consider applying elsewhere.

And I dont think your professors got a clue of how the industry operates do they?:)

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No I didn't, and to tell you the truth the last time I did wear a suit for an interview was for my internship at Apple, where I was laughed at for doing it. Even there, as a marketing person, I wasn't expected to wear one.

But there are ways to look sharp without a suit too.

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I'm a web designer and I didn't wear a suit. However, that doesn't mean I didn't at least dress smartly and so wore a tie and shirt (but black jeans and soft coat instead of trousers/jacket) just so I don't look like I don't give a shit. I think this is the best balance between full-blown suit and trampy casual clothes.

At the end of the day, and this is a hugely cliche saying: it's better to be overdressed than underdressed to the eyes of most employers.

And as for the "I'm not sure if I want to work for these" statement, I think you're misunderstanding the motive for wearing smart clothes in an interview. It's not so the employer looks at you and thinks you're a sexy guy or so he can judge your skills on the spot. It's so you look like you're willing to make the effort for the company and are taking the interview seriously rather than just strolling in after a session in the pub or something.

My advice: go smart, but not all the way. Unless you really want to. :cool:

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My first interview in the industry 6-7 yrs ago I wore a suit. Interviews since I have gotten myself a natty haircut and worn trainers, t-shirts and jeans. All new n spanky looking ones though not worn/dirty/un-ironed.

As folk above are saying make yourself look smart. It doesn't take a suit to do that.

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If you want to stand out, wear a suit!

(if that is standing out in a good or in a bad way is subject to everyone's own opinion I assume ;) )

Just stop wearing it once you are hired...we had this one guy once who only had suits to wear, until the rest of his stuff arrived. Oh boy, he sure had to suffer for that...probably best line I heard: "Nice mousepad....does that come in a suit?" ZING

I would be interested in knowing how casual/strict the dress code at publishers is. I think wearing a suit for an interview at such a place would be appropriate.

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never wore a suit for for a job interview ( and yet have nailed every single one)

however "I" think i look really good in a suit so i am usually looking for excuses to wear one :)

yet in game dev companies i feel that wearing one even for the interview is OUT OF PLACE the people interviewing me never wear em ;)

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I got a job at a local web development company qwearing a suffocation t-shirt and being a long haired bearded freak, i think mostly they look at your personality and how well spoken you are etc. and ofcourse your portfolio if required. :D

I think a suit would only decrease the chances of getting a job because you'd look like you need to make up for something else by trying to look really smart in a suit, like most here said, just dress up neatly, no weird logos or 'i love linux' t-shirts ;P and clean shoes, maybe a shave/trim of the beard, and some deadorant ;)

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