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(Original Game) Fierce Talon looking for lead artist

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Since our last lead artist quit for a job in the industry we need someone to fill the huge gap he left in the project.

Team name:


Project name:

Fierce Talon Episode One: Dreams Of A Dead Man

Brief description:

Fierce Talon is is a 3D adventure/detective game with a strong film noir mood, set in an alternative near future. The game will be distributed and sold via online distribution channels. The game has been in production for around 2+ years with a fairly regular team. We are currently switching to the Ogre3D graphics engine, because at the moment our in-house engine would take too long to complete and we are pressed for time. The game itself has an unique mood and setting, made to immerse the player completely.

It will also feature full modability for the community aswell as a multiplayer mode.

Target aim:

Retail (in episodes)


Paid from the profits from the first episode.


System: PC

Target system: Windows

Programming language: C++ (cpp)

Asset management: Our own online filebrowser (the FTF), Google Apps (calendar + docs) and Subversion for version control, our DAM valkyrie is currently under development.

Engine: OGRE3D and various other third party stuff.

Talent needed:

-one lead artist

General requirements


- Unbeatable skills in all aspects of 3d production

- Good organisational skills

- Self motivated and ability to work under minimal supervision

- Past experience of game development in any form

- Reside in Europe


- Have worked professionally in the games industry

- Reside in Sweden

Our offer to you:

- A good experienced team

- A solid, well worked out concept & design

- Extremely dedicated and goal oriented project that will succeed

- Annual team barbecues with beer on me!

You will work as part of a team that has much experience of independent game development, and we aim at making this a profitable game via online distribution. Fierce Talon is home to both professional and amateur developers and have in the past seen amateurs and hobbyists leave our project as professionals, claiming Fierce Talon as the reason they succeeded to score a job in the industry.

You will work with goals, milestones, excellent management and will be guaranteed to learn something new each day. We are a collaborative team, meaning we help eachother out and make sure that noone is left behind. Plus, we are fun to work with :)

Team structure:

Vermin Entertainment consists of about 10 talented individuals, from all around europe and most of them have worked on Fierce Talon from the beginning. I'll list up the core members here:

Active members:

- Joel Fagerlund, project manager & game designer

- Samuli Ulmanen, game designer & PR Coordinator

- Michael Berens, Art Director

- Jakob Hedin (Absent), Technical Director

- Tomas Augustinovic, Senior Game Programmer

- Mats Leksell, Game Programmer

- Daniel Jones, Lead 3D Artist

- Jasser Silvennoinen, 3D Artist

- Markus Palviainen, 3D artist

- Grant Warwick, 3D Artist

- Johan Bergström, Visual Designer/Texture Artist

- Mikko Jokisalo, Visual Designer/Texture Artist

- Carl Folmer, Visual Designer/Texture Artist

Advisory and "freelancing" members:

- Jonas Samuelsson, Sound Effects, Music Scoring

- Jason Poss, Music Scoring

Screenshots, movies and other media

Mostly old stuff.



Concept Art:





http://www.fiercetalon.com/files/office.avi [14,7mb AVI]





http://www.fiercetalon.com Game website for recruitment purposes only

http://www.vermin.se/ Team website


Email: joel@vermin.se

phone: +46 (0)70-4034241 (Sweden)

msn messenger: joel@vermin.se

irc: maels @ EFNet

Please feel free to ask questions!

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