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all changed

i think tomorrow im gonna go to the city and get some shots....on the 7 train you pass this like abandoned warehouse place and its pretty hot...its like..professional graffiti on the entire building

btw any suggestions or anything that i should change or i did wrong...this was my first time outside with a camera that wasnt disposable. im very happy with the results personally because some people complained of purple fringing and you can only see a TINY bit in a few pictures.....the image stablization is amazing too...half the pictures i took at from 5-10x and they were totally solid. i kind of expecteded close up things to suck horribly but im very happy with the results i got from the dirt/weed picture.

also if you want me to take pictures of something specifically in the city lemme know cause im prob just gonna go all over the place with my student metro card.....nothing but time to burrrnnnn

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Guest The_Postman

Capt. Patrick J. Waters apparently died so that he could be used as a political campaign banner. Never Forget!

nice resolution and some good nature pics though (the plant and dirt ones are useful art studies)

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