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chess anyone?


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Sign up at http://chessmaniac.com .

We could start a mapcore team or something. It's quite fun. You can have multiple games going at once, with different time limits. It's quite amazing. Currently there are over 300 users on, so it seems to be a popular site.

My username is 'MattYoung'. Throw me a challenge!

EDIT: Don't know how to play? Learn! http://www.princeton.edu/~jedwards/cif/intro.html

I just started playing today, it's great fun!

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Finally you got an answer mabufo, i felt kind of bad for you but i didn´t dare to reply allthough i i like chess, and i have some openings and stuff and i want to be good, but i some how loose it in the middle of the game. I think its because im not patience enough to keep at it all the time through. But i sure would like to learn.

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I usually start out with 1 or 2 pawns the i draw the horse (dunno what its called in english so im guessing) and then attack with the queen, but thats like one in a thousand. I once or actually several times, made a chess handhold game ok i cant say it in english and i even asked around, "chack matt" in swedish. End of the game. Even on a computer a couple times. But playing against humans you never know and that gets me.

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The horse would be called the 'knight'. Chack Matt, would become 'Check Mate'.

As far as pawn strategies go with openings, white usually will move from e2-e4. Which can be countered any number of ways by black. If your interested about improving your opening, check the about.com article here: http://chess.about.com/od/improveyourop ... e50ndx.htm

You can learn common moves, and common counters to those moves. The word on the street is that you want to set yourself up for a comfortable position, and not look for 'opening traps'... IE: something like a three move win.

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