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Help me come up with a fictional city name!


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What it says on the tin, trying to think up a name for a fictional city but I'm having problems. So far I have:

Carter City (Sounds too much like the one from Manhunt)

Nathan City

Luther City

I like Nation City but that was used in Poke and I'd prefer an original name, your suggestions are appreciated!

Ps: This isn't EOT, so no 'buttsecks city lol' please :cry:

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It's for a horror themed thing im working on.

The main theme consists of a team of anti-terrorism soldiers dropped into the city to combat a group of religious terrorists who are causing havok in order to aquire the four pieces of a talisman to open the gateway to what could be considered 'Hell'.

The city itself has become quite depopulated due to rising crime over the years so there's a lot of areas that have become abandoned and consists of condemned buildings. City would be kinda like New York/LA with less people, an area of tall skyscrapers wrapped around miles of disused crumbling buildings.

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So what you want is a name that emphasise the once grand nature of the city, to clash with the comparably opposite tone it now has. Nobody would name a city after something bad (eg: Shithole City") so it'll seem cooler if something less obvious such as Pioneer City or something else related it once being superb.

The other option is to tie it into the hell thing by using some really old reference to hell (use Wikipedia) to imply that an ancient community knew of the hell aspect of the place and named their pissy little village after it (now a city) but it's been forgotten over time. :cool:

I'd stay well away from cliché or unimaginative titles such as simply sticking a real person's name before "City" as they don't really mean anything.

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Racoon City

Lucifer's Corner

Not many cities themselves have the word 'city' in them, so finding another word for city would make the place even more grounded in reality. Another thing to try (Thrik's ideas are good) is go to google maps and look up names in Maine and other NorthEastern United States and just look at small towns that are along the highways away from major cities.

Names I found in Maine:








A lot of towns with Corner or Hill

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Yeah, I think using City in the name is really something reserved for comic book realities, as it's rare to encounter it otherwise. If you're going for a "This could actually happen in our current or future world" reality then I'd stay well away from it just like Mojo said.

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New Dresden (yes, Dresden is a German city that was bombed in WW2)

Cliff City

Drift City

Wicker Falls

Parker Falls

Pike Falls

Pike City

And in the completely-out-of-my-ass-but-may-be-the-same-as-a-real-city-I-don't-know-about category:



Fletcher Park




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