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Don't copy that floppy !


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Im sorry im not a fan of rap, or rather i think it sucks beyond everything. And don't take that as i think ppl that listens to rap sucks, couse thats not what i meant. So i tried to get into the clip but i could never get a grip of wth it was he was talking/rapping about. And when i heard it for the hundred time, or if it was tenth i couldn't stand it anymore and had to quit. Among the most boring things i ever encountered in my life.

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That's kind of the point, Spellbinder. It's a really lame video made to try and dissuade people from using warez by using cool things like rap to appeal to them. Except clearly it is shit and kind of embarrassing to watch.

It was also made when floppy disks pretty much dominated the market (1992), which should speak for itself.

The video wasn't posted because we all think it's a hot new music video. :cool:

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