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I do not think there is a specific book in regards to programming in c++ for games, you find that a lof these books for game programming are more centered around a tech, such as direct x or opengl or they talk about the design aspects from a programmers point of view. Or how you may want to design a certain system of the sorts.

But here are a couple of books I would recommend giving a read,

Game Programming Gem Series - there is 6 of these books they update every couple of years and they are a collection of articles wirtten by industry peeps. It talks about a couple of areas and mainly here again how to design or how one would want to design a certain thing. Like an AI system or something.

Beginning C ++ Through Game Programming - This book gives some intro to c++ and some basic concepts of c++ I would not say its really a game programming book but its not a bad book.

Programming Game AI by Example - This book is a great book on the topic of AI gives some great examples. I would recommend it.

These are just a couple game related books, if I had to say what would be best I would just buy c++ books and read those and get more familar with the lang as you will find that seems to help a lot.

Some books there you may want to look at that I find useful for me, are :

C++ Primer Plus(5th ed) - Yea this book has it all, there is also a c version thats good.

C++ in a Nutshell - good ref book

Windows System Programming (3rd Edition) - pretty good book as well

Effective C++: 50 Specific Ways to Improve Your Programs and Design

Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

these are just a couple; I think the best way to program a game is to know how to program in general. I think you will find once you know the lang well the rest comes easy. You start to think about how you would attack an issue in a more programmer way.

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