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New monitor resolution woes


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Well my new Samsung 226BW arrived today - a 22" widescreen LCD with a native resolution of 1680x1050. Sadly, I plug it in via DVI, and it seems to think it isn't a widescreen at all, and instead has a maximum resolution of 1280x1024. Now I know this isn't normally a big issue, as you can just tell windows to show unsupported modes and when you select one it should work. Sadly, when I do this, it does apply the resolution but that resolution doesn't fit the screen. Instead, 1280x1024 pixels of that 1680x1050 fill up the screen, and I have to pan around by moving the mouse to see the other pixels!

I've tried installing the monitor drivers, reinstalling graphics drivers, reinstalling monitor drivers, uninstalling graphics drivers and just using windows - all to no avail. What DOES work is using VGA instead of DVI, where I can select 1680x1050 and it displays it filling the screen as it ought to.

So, any ideas? I'd rather use DVI as most people say that gives a noteworthy increase in image quality, but its not much use if I can't even select the native resolution! I'm running an ATI X1900XT, in case that helps anybody. I've not come across anybody else having this problem with this monitor, so I don't think its necessarily an issue with it, but instead something up with my system.

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