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i wasnt sure if i should post this under photography gallery or general...so throw it around as you please

im looking for a good 512 mb CF card but i really have no experience with them

1. is there any difference between compact flash type 1 and type 2?

2. do you think 512 mb is enough

3. i did a little research and im not sure how to distinguish between the faster reading/writing cards from others...also im not sure which company makes a better quality card

i found this and it looks ok

http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDe ... 612&depa=0

also ive decided to buy this camera (unless you can sway me otherwise!). lemme know what you think...it came down to either this or the A80 and zoom was something i couldnt say no to (TO LOOK AT THE NEKKID LADIES AT THE BEACH :o~)

http://www.dpreview.com/reviews/specs/C ... ontcount=1

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I can take like ~50 pics (high res) with my 128 mb memory on a 4 megapx. camera. So 512 mb is truly enough.

Hmm.. I cant see why the S1 costs alot more than the A80. The only thing I see right now is that the S1 got more zoom than the A80, but on the other hand the A80 takes shots in 4.1 megapx. and it also weights half as much as the S1.

[edit] oh.. the S1 got some good video recording.

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the s1 and the A80 are about the same price....i found the A80 for about $280 to $300 and the s1 for about $330 to $400

maybe not the same price but in the same category

also there was this big argument on some forum i was reading that the difference between 3.2 mp and 4 is almost nothing

Did you folks who always compare 4 Mpx with 3 Mpx ever think this issue over? 4 Mpx is not an improvement over 3, its almost nothing. Let me explain...

The detail that you see is basically the linear (!) resolution, which is just the square root of the megapixels...

Start the story of the resolution from 1 Mpx (1280x960). The step to 2 Mpx (1600x1200) was an 1.25 times linear growth. Next step to 3 Mpx (2048x...) is x1.28, the next step is NOT 4 mpx, but 5! From 3 to 4 (longer side 2288, 2304) you have only the multiplier of 1.12, 1.13. That is 12-13% (this is not just because of the square root, but because that so-called 3 is 3.1 and that so-called 4 is just 3.9).

See the 4 Mpx is just marketing. While from 3 to 5 you have your 25% linear growth again, and from 5 to 8 you have around the same.

Conclusion: 4 is not much more than 3, and 6 is not at all more than 5.

Bad lens or stupid image processing (like Minolta Z2) can make a 4 mpx image much less detailed than a 3 mpx image (like S1 IS).

Anyway - people used to look at bigger prints from further than at the small prints. So you will not be bothered by the softness (you may notice the dots, but if you resize the image to eg. 5 mpx before you print you surely won't).

btw thanks for all the info, i think i decided this is gonna be my choice. i asked my mom (no im not gay, she was a photography major :)) whether i should work this week and then have enough money for something like the nikon D70 or take the P&S S1. she said that before i lay down any more money on the hobby i should see if i actually enjoy taking pictures, not just playing with features i dont know how to properly use yet. plus if i REALLY enjoy photography enough, i can always save up a K and buy the camera....since its not like i have to support a family or anything

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